Friday, March 13, 2020

The Travel Essays - 9, 24 Hours, Nelle A. Coley, Time Machines

The Travel Essays - 9, 24 Hours, Nelle A. Coley, Time Machines The Travel Frank and Phil were two very smart kids. Very expensive colleges accepted them in 6th grade, they would have gave them a full ride also. Then one day they thought up this great idea to accomplish. It was to build a time machine. So the next couple days they thought up plans to build this great machine. That was three years ago. Now they are in 9th grade and they are still working on it. Hopefully they will have it done in the next couple months. But if they get it done it will still have to work. That is the hardest part of this project. ?You?re never going to get that thing to work.? Frank exclaimed. ?Fine if you don?t want to be a part of our time machine you can just leave right now.? ?That is not what I am saying Phil. I want to be a part of it but we can?t work on it day in and day out with out a break. I mean we haven?t taken a break since we started this thing.? ?Hey Frank, when you become rich and famous you will thank me that we didn?t take a break. Right!? ?Yea, I guess so, well let?s get this thing built and get rich and famous.? ?Sounds good to me.? ?Well if you take the square root of the diameter of the base times the distance around the machine that should give us the aerodynamics to travel through time, does that seem right to you Phil ?Yea that seems right to me.? They worked day in and day out for the next three months, and then they finally finished it. They were ready for their first flight though time. They didn?t tell the press because they didn?t want to look stupid if they didn?t succeed. So they kept everything to themselves. Which they will find out that was a bad idea. ?Phil, are you ready for our first flight threw time ?I sure am, let?s get this machine going to June 5th 2057.? ?Ok all that I have to do is to set the time machines clock to destination time and return time.? ?Lets get this puppy working!? WOPH WOPH WOPH WOPH WOPH WOPH WOPH! ?This thing is out of control Frank!!!!!!? ?I know, I don?t know what is happening to it hold on tight, I don?t have any clue what it is doing or where it is going to go!? After about 5 minutes of a grueling ride the time machine finally stopped but this didn?t look like the year 2057?it looked like the prehistoric times but they calculated everything, like the soil and how old it was, and that told them about what year it was. Expectly they found out that it was the year 2057 and that the society must have ended from 1999 to 2057. ?This is crazy Phil, let?s get out of here!? ?No, we have to explore and get samples so everyone at home will believe that we were here and they so they don?t think we are lying.? ?Ok fine but let?s not stay here for a long time, it is pretty scary and gloomy.? ?Quit being a baby Frank, tough it up, you don?t see me complaining.? ?I know let?s just go get those samples.? ?Sure thing!? As they go wandering out into the newly discovered land. They find a lot of things like a lot of forest, a lot more than what we have back home, cleaner environment, and the most important thing was that there was no sign of animal life. As they gather their samples they find out that they got lost and they can?t figure out were they parked their time machine. As the boys get into a scuffle because neither of them remembered to leave a trail, they just cause more trouble because they split up because they were mad. While the sun is going down both of them are lost in separate ways. Now that months have past neither of them got out of the future. Everyone at home are worried and are on the hunt for them, but what they don?t know is that they are not going to find them until someone builds a time machine, and that takes at least 4 years to do. So if they want

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